BORED-- Multi Fake Logins

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BORED-- Multi Fake Logins

Post  wewx_xwew on Thu Oct 21, 2010 5:37 am

No Need To Download Source Code... Editing Script... And Upload on Server... And Checking Mails…. Old Trick..

I’m Going to Share Mega Pack of Fake Pages. Very Easy To Use.. Here You Can Find More Than 50+ Ready Made Fake Pages.

Like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, Aol, Facebook, Myspace, Skype, Ebuddy, Tagged, Hi5, Rapidshare, Megaupload, 4Shared, cPanel, Etc……. ..

Just Follow Steps…
1. Go To

2. Then Click On Register. Type Any Email & Password.. Click Enter

3. Then after your create your account .. just log in again and the pages we will direct you in Ready Made Fake Pages Links

4.When You Click on Facebook or Yahoo .. It Will Open In New Window.

5 Copy That Link From AdThat’s It. You Done…That’s It. You Done…dress bar and send it to Friends. (Victim). I’m Just Type Dumy User ID & PW. And Sign In. That’s It. You Done…

6. Now, Click On My Victims... There You Can Check Log.

Note : This site is sometimes banned but again it will start in few days so check regular. I got more than 800 pw by this site
good luck to all of u... What a Face What a Face What a Face What a Face
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